Deluxe’s Materials

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  • Alloy CNC Machining

    Alloy CNC Machining

  • Aluminum CNC Machining

    Aluminum CNC Machining

  • Brass copper CNC Machining

    Brass copper CNC Machining

  • Plastic CNC Machining

    Plastic CNC Machining

  • Stainless Steel CNC Machining

    Stainless Steel CNC Machining

  • Steel CNC Machining

    Steel CNC Machining

  • Titanium CNC Machining

    Titanium CNC Machining

Deluxe’s Industries

    We strictly implement Deluxe’s inspection process and standards, and provide paper inspection reports. No matter you are end user or not, you can use our products with confidence.
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    Quality Inspection and Testing

    High-quality products require strict management control and advanced equipment...


    All materials are tested and recorded prior to production to ensure material authenticity...

    In-Process inspection

    Each process in machining is subject to a first article inspection (FAI) and verified by the...

    Inventory inspection

    100% of the products are inspected before entering the stock

    Pre-shipment inspection

    Check again before shipment and record shipment report with shipment

    Testing equipment

    Regularly calibrate and identify inspection on equipment

    Our Tests In house:

    We have invested million of money in a series of accurate and professional testing tools and ...

    Our Test Tools and Equipment

    Calipers Inside / Outside diameter micrometer ...

    Coordinate Measuring Instrument (CMM)

    CMM is the only way to check and test precision in complex parts. Using the Leitz LSP detection ...

    Appearance & Packaging Testing

    Make sure that the size of the post-processed product meets the requirements...

      A complete product is not only made by CNC machined, but also it needs various surfaces finish to achieve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aesthetics and improved service life.
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      It is an electrolytic oxidation process that converts the surface of a material into a protective film...


      The basic process of plating is to immerse the part in a solution of metal salt as a cathode...


      With the continuous improvement of industrial requirements, electrophoresis can customize...


      Passivation also known as chromate treatment, is a pickling process that removes surface grease...


      Blacken's principle is to immerse the product in a strong oxidizing chemical solution to produce ...


      QPQ is the abbreviation of Quench-Polish-Quench, which refers to the ferrous metal parts placed ...

      Laser engraving

      Laser engraving is also called laser marking, it is a surface treatment process using optical ...

      Silk screen

      Silk screen printing means that the ink is transferred to the product through the screen. The color ...


      Polishing is to make the product beautiful, translucent and protect the surface. The polishing of ...


      Brush is a surface treatment method that uses a flat-pressing abrasive belt and a non-woven ...

      Powder coating & painting

      Painting and Powder coating are two kinds of surface treatments that are common in the ...


      Sandblasting is one of the commonly used surface treatments for hardware products. It improves ...

      Teflon Coating

      It is a very individual surface treatment and has excellent anti-stickiness, non-stickiness, high ...