Tool and Die CNC Machining

Tools and dies are often used to produce or assist production of products, so the requirements for molds and tools are very strict. Tools and die includes fixtures, jigs, gauges, molds, dies, cutting equipment and patterns.

Molds are tools that are dedicated to manufacturing, and precision is the key to mold making. Therefore, mastering the machining of precision tools and die is one of the core technologies of Deluxe.

Our Tool and Die machining Capabilities
Custom Mold CNC machining service

The precision of mold can reach .005mm min, the surface finish can reach Ra0.01μm and special materials such as mirror surface and tungsten steel can be processed.

Wire EDM

The precision can reach 0.005mm min, the surface finish can reach Ra0.1μm and special Materials such as tungsten steel can be processed.


Small holes or deformed hole can be achieved. Min EDM precision can reach 0.005mm, surface finish can reach 0.01μm, the depth tolerance can be controlled within 2μm, and special materials such as tungsten steel Can be processed.


Our grinding service serves for mobile phones, automobiles, toys and medical mold products. Surface roughness is Ra0.3μm, concentricity ≤0.005mm, straightness ≤0.002mm.

Aerospace or Aircraft CNC Machined Parts

High-precision machining equipment and testing instruments to easily meet the needs
Strictly comply with ISO9001, ISO14000 standards
Quality testing team and 100% inspection

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