Swiss machining service

  • Swiss machining service
  • Swiss machining is a specialized process for machining small, high-precision turning parts. Swiss screw machine parts and Swiss machining products are the strengths of Deluxe Industry. We have been committed to providing high quality precision machining and micro parts for our clients around the world.
  • Our Swiss screw machining capacity
  • ·Micro machining service for precision and small components
    ·Swiss automatic screw machine is ideal for micromachining parts or long and slender parts
    ·Multi-axis CNC Swiss machine produces precision parts with complex geometries for maximum productivity
    ·Automatic feeder increase productivity and lower unit cost
    ·Further strengthen support Swiss equipment such as wire EDM forming tools and tool grinding

Swiss turned Components for Industries

The industry applications that we use CNC Swiss machining for include:

  • Electronics and instrumentation components
  • Optical measurement components
  • Medical and Surgical tools and devices
  • Watch components
  • Computer fittings and connectors
  • Tool and die making
  • Conveyor belts
  • Motors
  • OEM machines
  • Stainless steel mixers
  • And much more

Swiss CNC Machined Components for Medical Device

Surgical tools and medical devices require extremely precise micro-parts, and the international engineering team at Deluxe Industries assists in the development of medical devices and the production of high-quality parts that meet medical standards. These Swiss machined parts include

  • Catheter
  • Ultrasonic machine
  • CT scanner
  • Hand-held surgical instruments
  • Litigation equipment
  • And more

CNC Swiss optical parts machining

Optical parts are extremely tight tolerances, and our multi-axis Swiss turning machines are ideal for manufacturing precision optic components. At the same time you will also get an affordable price. Our CNC Swiss machined optical part products include:

  • Microscope components
  • Telescope components
  • Camera components
  • Glasses components
  • And more

Swiss Machined Parts for Food Industry

Deluxe industry uses the most advanced CNC Swiss machining lathes to manufacture sophisticated parts for food manufacturing industry. Our CNC Swiss lathe parts for food production equipment including:

  • Conveyor part
  • Motor part
  • OEM machine part
  • Stainless steel mixer part
  • And more

Our Swiss machining capabilities can serve many other industries, if you need a part to be quote, welcome to consult a expert.

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