5 Axis machining service

5 axis machining service

5-axis machining is a mode of CNC machining. Five axes, which refers to three moving axes of x, y, z and plus any two rotating axes. The machining tools that can be positioned and connected in five degrees of freedom when machining complex geometric parts.

Five-axis machining is often used for complex precision parts machining such as curved body parts, turbine parts and impellers. The five-axis machine tool can process different sides of the workpiece without changing the position of the workpiece, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency.

Our 5 axis machining capabilities

CNC Swiss-type lathes,like 5-axis milling, feed parts on the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis through the guide bushing feed parts. It can effectively produce the most accurate parts according to the most stringent industry standards.

5-Axis Milling & micro milling
5-axis milling allows our mechanics to produce complex parts such as impellers and blades with the tightest tolerances and precision. At the same time, our 5 axis micro milling also plays a key role in medical machining for certain medical, dental, and ophthalmic applications.

5-Axis Milling for Tool & Die
Mold making usually requires 5-axis machining, especially for some molds with complex geometries. We have helped hundreds of companies produce precision injection molding molds, die-casting molds and MIM molds and accessories through our precision five-axis machining technology.

Application of our 5 axis machining

  • Aircrafts
  • Optical
  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive
  • Tools & Dies
  • And more
  • Housing
  • Surgery device
  • 3D heart cavity instrument
  • Titanium components
  • Scanner parts
  • Gear plate
  • Impellers
  • Stator, rotor, and rotor housing
  • Much more

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