MIM guidelines

MIM Tool & die design and manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing molds is one of Deluxe Industry's core technologies and capabilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced processes allow us to quickly complete mold design and manufacturing. We have the abilities to provide solutions for design changes to meet the urgent needs of our customers.

Our strictly managed engineering team is familiar with production, injection molds, fixture design and other technologies. We offer a full range of product design services including industrial engineering, FEA, 3D process analysis, mold flow analysis etc.

High-speed CNC milling machine for cutting copper and graphite electrodes Precise wire EDM and sinking EDM technology Tool deviation predictor system for eliminating machine structural errors Scanning inspection equipment for detecting mold cavities and electrodes Precision grinding under constant temperature

MIM Design Guidance

Thin wall
A wall thickness of less than 6 mm is suitable for MIM. In addition, extremely thin walls of <0.5 mm is also achievable for MIM, but it has high requirements for design.

MIM part's demand ranges from a few thousand to millions like casting parts or injection molded parts. MIM requires customers to invest in mold and tool, so for small batches, it usually affects cost estimates.

Raw material
MIM materials are varies. Although non-ferrous alloys such as aluminum and copper are technically feasible, they are usually handled in other more economical ways, such as die casting or CNC machining.

We help you upgrade your existing products in design and material selection, and help you with a full range of product development services including industrial product design, technical analysis, rapid prototyping and data scanning.

Typical PIM Materials Performance

Material Density Hardness   Tensile Strength  Elongation
g/cm 3 Rockwell MPa %
Fe-based alloy PIM-2200 Sintered state 7.60 45HRB 290 40
PIM-2700  Sintered state 7.60 69HRB 440 26
PIM-4605  Sintered state 7.60 62HRB 415 15
PIM-4605 Tempering 7.60 48HRC 1655 2
Stainless steel PIM - 316L  Sintered state 7.85 67HB 520 50
PIM- 17-4PH  Sintered state 7.5 27HRC 900 6
PIM- 17-4PH  Sintered state 7.5 40HRC 1185 6
PIM - 440C  Sintered state 7.5 65HRB 415 25
Tungsten alloy 95%W-Ni-Fe 18.1 30 960 25
97%W-Ni-Fe 18.5 33 940 15
Ceramic Al2O3 3.9 HRA92 Bending strength -

MIM application

Deluxe Industry's MIM manufacturing includes metal powder injection molding products, communication equipment parts, computer parts, smart phone parts, wearable parts, auto parts, medical device parts, lock cylinders & lock parts, power tool parts etc.

Electrical parts:
Micro motor parts, electronic parts, sensor parts, mobile phones, parts for BP machines;

Auto parts:
Sensor housing, brake components, ABS components, Nozzle, Electrode, Bushings, Sleeves, Connector, heat sink etc

Medical device parts
Surgical Instruments parts, anatomical scalpel, medical forceps, surgical shank, orthopedic plate, screw, bracket, orthopedic tool etc

Lock housing parts, door shaft parts, door sill bracket parts, sensor housings, valve parts, bathroom hardware etc And many more

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