Pressure die casting

Deluxe Industry is able to provide a full range of die casting services. It includes casting mold making, die casting parts, precision machining, polishing and plating surface finish. Our in-house excellent inspection and testing can guarantee the quality from raw materials to final finished die casted products. Simply send your CAD drawings, and we will give a professional service with an affordable price.

What is pressure die casting?

  • Pressure die casting is a kind of precision casting method, that injects molten metal into custom made steel dies. This process is somewhat similar to injection molding, and the die casting process is generally only used to mass production products.

Advantages of Die Casting

  • Excellent dimensional accuracy, surface finish and precision
  • Mold or die tools can economically make thousands of parts
  • Complex internal and external geometries can be achieved
  • Particularly suitable for larger metal parts

Pressure Die Casting Process

Good die casted parts rely on the quality of mold and die tools, and mold manufacturing is one of our best abilities. We'll have below steps for your metal casting part parts project:
  • Check and verify the raw materials for tooling.
  • High precision machining work on core and cavity for die casting mold.
  • Heat treating on mold carefully.
  • Start casting parts with process control.
  • Review the complete design of your CAD drawings and give professional suggestion.
  • Post-machining or processing if necessary.

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